Torrevieja Costa Blanca New Bars New Restrictions

Torrevieja Costa Blanca New Bars New Restrictions

Join me as I take a look at what’s new and opening up in Torrevieja, Costa Blanca, Spain. It’s Christmas time and the Spanish Fiestas have the green light this year. Very exciting. But more importantly, there are some new bars and restaurants opening up here in the heart of Torrevieja soon! We are excited to try them, so join me for a walk about Torrevieja and see what’s new.

Torrevieja is buzzing at the moment. They take Christmas time and the whole festive season seriously here in Spain! It’s great to see new places opening up after nearly 2 very difficult years. We have seen bars close down in Torrevieja and are really happy to see brand new restaurants and bars getting ready to open up. We are loving living here in Torrevieja, there’s a lot of new developments going on in the city.

What are you plans for Christmas? Will you be in Torrevieja? Drop us a comment and let us know!

In other news, c_vid restrictions are increased here in the Valencia region for the next 30 days. This includes Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa.

Bars and restaurants with an indoor capacity of more that 50 people, must screen customers so you can enter. You must have your ID (passport or TIE/residencia cert, or driving licence). And ONE of the following to comply with the EU C-vid certificate or “passport” –

Either the QR code for your second dose of the vaxxy (in other words, fully vaxxed),

OR a negative test result (this can be either a negative PCR within the last 72 hours, OR a negative antigen within the last 48 hours), these have to be official tests, not DIY,

OR proof of recovery (natural immunity) and this now means (in the EU) you must have had a positive PCR result within the last 180 days to meet the criteria for proof of recovery.

If you are here on holiday from the UK, your UK vaxxy certs are fine, same QR codes that you use to travel.

If you have a Spanish health card (SIP) you can get your EU covid certificate from here using the app:

If your Spanish is as good as ours, use Google Chrome to open the link and it can translate it to English.

NOTE this is ONLY establishments with an indoor capacity over 50 people. You CAN sit outside without showing ID and status, and you are allowed to go in to use the toilets without showing ID or status, but you CAN’T linger or talk to anyone inside the establishment.

HOWEVER, we do know that several bars and restaurants in Torrevieja and around the Costa Blanca area who will not be allowing more than 50 people inside, even if they can. They are deliberately staying under the capacity threshold. They are doing this to combat the requirement to screen their customers because they do not want to and do not agree with the new restrictions. There is a campaign going on at the moment, so if you see a sign or poster saying “Zona libre. AquΓ­ respetamos sus libertades y su dignidad y respetamos la privacidad de sus datos mΓ©dicos”, it means, “Free zone. Here we respect your freedoms and your dignity and we respect the privacy of your medical data”.

Nostros no discriminamos.

Thanks for watching our videos about life in Torrevieja and living in Spain.


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