Torrevieja Christmas 2021 Broken Lights

Torrevieja Christmas 2021

It’s a wonderful time of the year! Here in Torrevieja Spain. Oh yes, It’s Christmaaaas!! The lights are on, is anyone home? We watched the Christmas lights being switched in Torrevieja town square last night, November 27th 2021. What an event. Music, DJ’s, live bands, and a big count down to hit the big red button. The Christmas lights in Torrevieja look beautiful! They are everywhere around the town centre and main streets.

We didn’t hang around long enough to see the Nativity Scene unveiled, but it looks fantastic and well worth a visit. We went to have dinner to celebrate our anniversary! 1 year engaged and with a bit of luck, a wedding next year! If this madness ever ends, that is!

Happy Sunday and please enjoy the Christmas lights in Torrevieja.
They Do things a bit bigger here in Spain not like back home in Fife Scotland.

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