This is The REAL Spain

This is The REAL Spain.
Spain is so much more than the Costa’s.
In Torrevieja Spain this week From May 11th to 15th 2022, the Sevillana Fair is returning to Torrevieja
From Wednesday, May 11th to Sunday 15th, the Port of Torrevieja, Spain The town will host the Sevillanas Fair.
In the 35th edition of the May Fair, a total of 22 booths and a great stage have been installed where we’ll be able to witness the performance of various local academies.

ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT annual fiestas returns to Torrevieja Spain this springtime after a two-year wait.

It would not be Spain if they didn’t have fiestas, they are the life and soul of Spain and its Culture.

Locally known as the Feria de Sevillanas, the event celebrates the traditional dance and folk music of the Sevillanas, a type of muscial and dance style originating in Seville and its region.

Derived from the Seguidilla, an old Castilian folk music and dance genre, the Sevillanas were influenced by Flamenco during the nineteenth century, and Sevillanas dancing and the music remains a popular tradition in Spain to this day.

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