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Scottish Couple in Spain – our story

We started the Scottish Couple in Spain YouTube Channel in 2020.

That’s when we decided to move from Scotland to Spain, amid a worldwide pandemic. And we wanted to document our memories.

Torrevieja Fair Ground on the move till 2024

We didn’t think our little channel would take off and grow as it did.

But it did… Thank you to everyone who has supported our channel and subscribed!

Without you, we probably wouldn’t have survived our first year in Spain. So, from Karen (who writes all our content) and Barry (who creates all our videos and websites), a big, huge, thank you!

Our early videos tell you about our journey to Spain, and our experiences getting residency here.

We left Scotland to make the big move, just before the Brexit deadline. Because we knew that we would find it very, very difficult to retire to Spain after the UK left the EU.

So we had to do it before December 31st 2020.

Or we would be out of the EU for good and lose the privilege of being EU residents with the freedom to roam, live and work within the EU. Luckily, we got our residencies just in time, and have built up a business in Spain, as well as working remotely from home.

How did we do it?

2020 was the year we were all forced into ‘lockdown’ situations. That’s when we decided to take life by the balls and seize a narrow window of opportunity. We left Scotland and moved to the Costa Blanca region of Spain. Our YouTube channel is the ongoing story about our life here as ex-pats, immigrants, and a Scottish Couple in Spain.

The channel has grown and expanded so much in just two years.


We regularly update our subscribers and viewers with news and information about the area we are living in. Starting in Playa Flamenca on the Orihuela Costa of Spain, we explored the beaches and holiday hotspots.

Then we shared our videos about local restaurants and bars which were managing to survive the restrictions that the pandemic brought…

That was the start of our journey here in Spain and it changed everything for us…

More of our story is coming soon!

Watch out for Karen’s Blogs.

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